Fundraising Programs

From school-wide sales to dance studios to sports teams, Fortune Fundraising has delivered record-breaking results to groups like yours for over 20 years. These programs have proven themselves time and time again:

The Dessert Collection

Our main program, The Dessert Collection was created with one simple focus: Put the best of the best together in one program! It started in 1999 with Jon Donaire Cheesecakes. A couple years later, we added the top-selling flavors of EZ Gourmet Cookie Dough. Next was the addition of the Dutch Country Pumpkin Roll and Carrot Cake Roll. For many years we did not sample a pizza that we felt was worthy of inclusion in The Dessert Collection — that is, until we found The Pizza Pail®, which has been a consistent favorite ever since. This spring we added the Lemon Cooler Cake, manufactured by Posh Pantry, and this fall we are expanding that line to four delicious flavors.

The Holiday Collection

The holiday wrapping paper and gift item catalog is a long-standing tradition in the fundraising industry. In 1994, our holiday catalog consisted of 20 different items. It continued to grow in size and selection over the years. In 2012, The Holiday Collection features 130 items (20 types of holiday gift wrap alone!) spread out over 36 pages. You'll find practical items for the kitchen, thoughtful gift ideas, magazine subscriptions, and much more in The Holiday Collection. Plus, family and friends can support the school by shopping online during the school's fundraising drive.

Snackin’ in the USA

Similar to The Dessert Collection, the idea behind Snackin’ in the USA was to bring together all of the best-selling flavors and combine them in one simple program. This 24-item snack brochure is a great choice for any school or group looking to raise a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Every item in the brochure is $7 – making it the ideal program for those looking to keep the price point down.


We know that the product you select plays a major role in the level of success you reach. Watch your sales soar with the name-brand recognition and delicious taste of Popcornoplis. Real ingredients like certified non-GMO corn, pure cane sugar, coconut oil and authentic cheddar cheese will attract the attention of even the most discerning customers, making Popcornopolis even more appealing to a wider audience. Popcornopolis provides scrumptious gourmet popcorn at accessible price points, allowing more people to participate, and making sales easier for your group. Unit pricing under $10 encourages your customers to purchase multiple cones, so your group can achieve higher earnings per order. Your team will love the ingenious simplicity of the Popcornopolis Fundraising Program – a manageable set of five top-selling gourmet popcorn flavors to focus your selling activities.