Fortune Fundraising’s Ultimate Prize Program

We provide quality prizes and cash incentives to thank students for their efforts in raising funds for the school.

Limo Ride to Lunch

We were one of the first fundraising companies to offer the Limo Ride to Lunch, where students that go above and beyond are treated like stars, going out to eat in a chauffeured limousine. And unlike some other fundraising companies, we don’t shuttle back and forth if there’s a large number of students — we book enough vehicles to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Our all-time record: 19 Limos parked outside a middle school, ready to go!

The Game Truck

The Games2U Van has become a crowd favorite. This vehicle is tricked out with flat-panel television screens inside and out, each hooked up to a PlayStation, Wii or Xbox game system. Students have a blast challenging friends to a Guitar Hero battle, playing Wii Sports or enjoying the other popular games. And that’s not all — outside the vehicle the Games2U team also has other activities such as laser tag for students to enjoy.

Please Note: Video game titles and extra events are subject to availability.

DJ Party

Another thrilling prize event for our students is the DJ Party. We hire a professional disc jockey to arrive at the school and spin some cool tunes, while students take a break from studies for an hour and party like it’s… well, like it’s 2016. These DJs are professionals — it’s their job to have clean edit versions of all the latest songs. Add some pizza and fruit punch and you have a recipe for fun!

Wild Animal Assembly

The Wild Animal Assembly has received tremendous acclaim for both its educational and entertainment value. Students have the opportunity to experience animals from around the world. The assembly, which lasts approximately 50-55 minutes, educates students about the life and preservation of animals such as a tarantula, scorpion, alligator, tegu, falcon, python, porcupine, opossum, grey fox, African serval and Capuchin monkey. Fun Fact: Some of these animals have appeared in popular movies!

Medieval Times Field Trip

The student program at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament provides an educational and entertaining history lesson presented by a King and his Noble Court, set within the walls of an 11th century-style castle. Every detail is recreated as students take a journey back to the Middle Ages. Spectacular horsemanship, amazing swordplay, medieval games of skill and an authentic jousting tournament are on display as the children enjoy a feast fit for a King. It’s a learning experience students of all ages will enjoy and remember!

Ask your fundraising consultant about the options available. Together we will design the program that best fits your school and maximizes profits.