Other Fundraising Programs Available

Snackin’ in the USA

Similar to The Dessert Collection, the idea behind Snackin’ in the USA was to bring together all of the best-selling flavors and combine them in one simple program. This snack brochure with a Broadway theme is a great choice for any school or group looking to raise a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. All 24 items in the brochure are $7 each, making it the ideal program for those looking to keep the price point down.


We know that the product you select plays a major role in the level of success you reach. Watch your sales soar with the name-brand recognition and delicious taste of Popcornoplis. Real ingredients like certified non-GMO corn, pure cane sugar, coconut oil and authentic cheddar cheese will attract the attention of even the most discerning customers, making Popcornopolis even more appealing to a wider audience. Popcornopolis provides scrumptious gourmet popcorn at accessible price points, allowing more people to participate, and making sales easier for your group. Unit pricing under $10 encourages your customers to purchase multiple cones, so your group can achieve higher earnings per order. Your team will love the ingenious simplicity of the Popcornopolis Fundraising Program a manageable set of five top-selling gourmet popcorn flavors to focus your selling activities.