Questions & Answers

Q: How do we get more order forms?

A: Additional triplicate order forms should be available in the school office, or click here to download and print additional order forms. You can also write neatly on another sheet of paper. If you do not use the triplicate form, we suggest you make a photocopy of that sheet for your records before you turn in your order.

Q: My school/group wants to do your fundraiser. How do we get started?

A: You can contact our Customer Care Team at 1-800-499-1098 or e-mail us at One of our fundraising consultants will be happy to help!

Q: I have food allergies. Where can I find ingredient and nutrition information?

A: The allergy notices, ingredients list and Nutritional Facts information is available in a downloadable PDF. Click here. You can also use the link on the bottom of each product page.

Q: How do I purchase items online?

A: If your school is raising funds with The Dessert Collection program, you can submit and pay for your order online on our Submit Orders page. Follow the instructions on that page, which will then link you directly to PayPal to complete your payment securely by credit card or electronic check. Be sure to fill in the Student’s Name and School Name so the student receives credit toward the prize program. Please Note: Orders submitted online are delivered to the school on the distribution date and time listed on the information letter.

A: If your school is doing The Holiday Collection (gift wrap, etc.) program, go to to shop online. After you have selected the items you want, click checkout and follow the instructions. Be sure to fill in the Student’s Name and School Name to ensure that he/she receives credit toward the prize program. Please Note: Orders made online on Shopping For Your School are only shipped directly to the person placing the order.

Please contact our Customer Care Team at 1-800-499-1098 or send an email to if you encounter any problems when submitting your order online.

Q: Do you accept checks? Who do I make it payable to?

A: The money is collected by the school/group that is raising funds. Some choose to accept checks, while others do not. Please see the information letter that came with your fundraiser packet to determine whether or not they accept checks. If you are unsure, call us and we can look it up for you. If they do accept checks, make it payable to them, not Fortune Fundraising.

Q: Can I buy desserts directly from your website?

A: Due to the high costs associated with shipping frozen foods we do not sell them directly to individuals. Please follow the steps provided by your school/group to participate in the fundraiser.

Q: These cheesecakes are absolutely the best! Where can I purchase more?

A: Jon Donaire cheesecakes are found in the frozen dessert or bakery section of some local grocery stores. Many of the other items in The Dessert Collection are manufactured exclusively for fundraising and are not found in retail. Please tell your school or group how much you enjoyed The Dessert Collection — that may ensure a future opportunity to enjoy these items and support their fundraising campaign.

Q: I can’t wait until next time! Seriously, where can I buy more of these desserts?

A: If you simply can’t wait, please call our Customer Care Team at 1-800-499-1098 or e-mail us at We will get you in contact with another school/group in your area that you can support.